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What we do.

PurPromotions specialises in the widespread visibility of products, services, and events through the use of high, mid, and low profile influencers. By working alongside promoters and influencers we utilise their fan base to maximise interaction rate, forcing viewers back to your website, product, or event, rapidly increasing your new audience and potential customers.

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How it works. 

Our portfolio consists of over one-thousand influencers and promotors from across the UK and Ireland with a following of over ten-million. Each one of our affiliating influencers have unique and diverse audiences that we take full advantage of through our audience grouping techniques. Each audience is categorised into three main areas: Gender, Location, and Age. This is then broken down into a further sub categorisation that consists of - but is not limited to - information such as what they like, where they go, what they do, and who they are. All you need to do is tell us who and how many people you want seeing your promotions and we do the rest.

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Get products in the hands of buyers

Sell your products.

We understand that not all brands rely on the same aspects of advertisement. This is why PurPromotions focuses on each project as its own independent objective and for fashion and accessory brands we strive to make sure the transition between company to influencer and influencer to customer runs as smoothly as possible. By specifying your audience and sending us your new products we can pinpoint the exact influencers to send these to for the greatest return. We do this by paying close attention to what influencers’ audiences listen to, interact most with, and relate most with. Understanding where the promotions will fit in best can be the deciding factor between whether or not your products are seen, payed attention to, and of course purchased.

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Find what suits you.

We use a wide range of pinpoint marketing techniques, audience pulling, and product integration to consistency make sure you get exactly what you are looking for out of each and every promotion. Find what type of promotion fits best with whatever you want sold or seen, from getting your brand in the eyes of future customers to making sure a product launch hits all its targets, we are aways here to make sure every box is ticked and every promotion is viewed.

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